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Analogue rhythm machine Tanzbär is shipping

Launched at Musikmesse 2013, Frankfurt, the MFB Tanzbär analogue drum machine is available now. ALEX4 Distribution started shipping in the beginning of July 2013. Berlin-based electronic musical instrumentmanufacturer MFB’s Tanzbär Analoger Drumcomputer uses the nostalgic sound of an analogue percussive past and takes it to the performance-orientated present as a powerful new analogue sound.
Despite already having been a hit in its initial prototype form in Frankfurt, MFB engineers and programmers Manfred Fricke and Sebastian Preller have seen fit to add another synth voice to the hand-built production version so that it now features 16 high-quality analogue drum instruments. These include two bass drums, snare drum, rim shot, cymbal, hi-hat, clap, low-tom, mid-tom, and hi-tom. These can all be thoroughly tweaked via dedicated knobs for spontaneous, hands-on control of various performance parameters. The rear of the upmarket metal casing with wooden end panels features six individual output jacks, CV connection and a full MIDI interface.
The tight step sequencer central to the Tanzbär Analoger Drumcomputer allows different step lengths per drum instrument with programmable accent and pitch-bend functionality, roll and flam recording, individual and global swing quantisation, and also per step recording of control values. Up to 144 patterns with A/B variations can be programmed and stored.
With a diminutive desktop footprint, the Tanzbär Analoger Drumcomputer fits well in any hybrid modern and/or vintage live performance or studio setup.
MFB Tanzbär Analoger Drumcomputer
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