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Korg introduces Pa800 arranger keyboard

Korg introduces the Pa800 arranger keyboard which is based on an entirely new engine offering sophisticated sound and effects engines, TC-Helicon based vocal effects, real-time performance features and stereo two-way speaker system in a sleek, professional package.
The Pa800 features 61 keys with velocity and aftertouch plus Korg's RX (Real eXperience) Technology for a natural sound. Its intuitive layout offers easy access to up to 960 detailed and authentic music styles created by musicians worldwide. An additional 416 user style locations are available. Each Style offers a drum part, percussion part, bass part, and up to five additional musical parts. Three introductions, four variations, three fills and two endings allow each style to create dynamic and lively songs.
The Pa800 offers a robust, color 240 x 320 pixel TouchView screen with two interface modes. For beginners or live performance, the 'easy' mode uses enhanced graphics to display common performance controls, while 'expert' mode offers full editing control.
The Backing Sequencer allows the entire style to be captured in a single pass. Step-entry allows an individual chord to be quickly changed, automatically rewriting all of the accompaniment parts. Novice users can simply type in the chord changes, without any special playing skills.
In performance, Korg's XDS Dual Sequencer allows users to load one sequence while the other plays, and use the DJ-style crossfader for smooth transitions between them. Sequencer functions benefit from powerful editing controls, while tone parameters can be set for sounds assigned to a given track. The sequencer is compatible with standard SMF or Karaoke files. Karaoke lyrics will appear in the display or can be displayed on an external monitor using an optional video interface kit (VIF4).
Pa800 arranger keyboard by Korg
Each of the 320 performance settings can save and recall style, single touch settings, transposition, scale type tempo and control assignments with a single command. The SongBook function allows players to select a song from the user-defined, searchable database and instantly call up the correct sounds, Style, tempo, key and effects for each song, or even play a finished song from the sequencer. A Jukebox function can play back an entire set in a continuous manner.
The Pa800 delivers 120-note polyphony along with 950 pre-loaded sounds (plus 256 user locations) and 64 preset drum sounds (64 user-programmable kits). Up to four sounds can be stacked or split across the keyboard and played in real time. Realistic piano sounds are provided via a new stereo-sampled acoustic grand piano with string and damper resonance. Four Single Touch Settings (STS) commands per style call up a new sound for each real-time performance part. In addition, four simultaneous Master Effects (124 types) can be used, plus TC-Helicon vocal effects including three-part harmonization.
The built-in 64 MB sampler reads WAV, AIFF, Korg and AKAI samples. Sampled sounds may be sliced to create new grooves and kits, filtered and processed by the internal effects or assigned to create new sounds.
Convenient front and rear USB jacks allow the Pa800 to read and write data to various USB devices, or to communicate with a computer. An optional hard drive kit allows a 2.5" hard drive to be mounted internally for additional storage.
The onboard sound system features fixed EQ, loudness control and two 10 cm bass speakers as well as two tweeters powered by 22 Watt amplifiers, housed in a bass reflex enclosure. Additional features include two user-assignable sliders, two assignable switches, joystick, four audio outputs, full MIDI interface, two balanced/unbalanced mic/line audio inputs, damper pedal input and user-assignable pedal input, and a connection to optional EC5 Pedalboard with five assignable switches.
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