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Cyril Lance has joined Moog Music as Senior Engineer

Cyril Lance Multi-talented engineer and acclaimed musician, Cyril Lance, has joined Moog Music as Senior Engineer. Company founder, Bob Moog, who passed away in August, had personally selected Cyril to carry out his vision of creating timeless electronic musical instruments. Cyril has over 20 years of experience in both music and engineering.
Cyril's engineering experience includes custom low-noise analog and digital control applications for many universities, research institutions and commercial companies around the world. Most recently, Cyril worked on custom research experiments for Duke University, which included audio frequency circuits similar to those used by Moog. A great deal of Cyril's technical experience has been involved in developing optical electronics used for upper-atmospheric experiments, work that has taken him around the globe including a one-year stint in Antarctica at the South Pole.
President of Moog Music, Mike Adams had this to say, "Cyril's experience in both large and small-scale manufacturing as well as developing high-end custom instruments is a perfect fit for Moog Music. Bob had a very clear vision of what constituted a Moog Product: attention to detail, reliability and quality of instrument and sound are essential elements of a Moog Product. Cyril understands this and has the knowledge and experience to carry-on that tradition."
Also an accomplished musician, songwriter and producer, Cyril has been critically acclaimed for his CDs 'Stranger in my House' and 'LIVE From the OUTSKIRTS'. Cyril is also a seasoned builder of custom instruments for academic and consumer applications.
"It's really the fusing of my music and my technical skills that I think attracted Bob and I together. We had a great deal in common on many different levels from our Cornell Engineering Physics backgrounds, to common interests in music and technology and similar aesthetics in terms of design and sound," stated Cyril.
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