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Roland introduces classical organ C-190

At Namm summer session 2005 Roland Contemporary Keyboards introduced the C-190 Classic portable organ, a 76-note portable organ solution for a multitude of purposes. The new C-190 features top-notch, traditional organ voices, a simple user interface, and Roland sound quality.
The C-190 is a solution for larger, demanding churches as a compliment to a traditional organ installation or as the primary instrument for smaller churches and choirs. With a full 76-note organ keyboard and 128-voice polyphony, it's suitable for performance applications, rehearsals, teaching, and personal practice at home.
The C-190 comes loaded with 43 selected organ sounds based on the Roland/Rodgers wave library, which includes samples of historic organ sounds from Central Europe. These sounds can be recalled in real-time via 13 front-panel tilt tabs. The remaining sounds can be assigned to the desired tilt tabs for instant access.
Thanks to a built-in recorder function, players now have an easy way to archive their rehearsals, tape their live performances, or record lessons. The Swell to great function allows players to use the entire 76-key range for single-part performances. The Great section can also be assigned to the left half of the keyboard, and the Swell manual function to the right to simulate a two-manual organ.
Players can take their organ experience one step further by connecting an optional pedalboard like the PK-5A or PK-25 turning the C-190 into a full console organ akin to a real pipe organ in churches. In addition to high-quality organ sounds, the C-190 also features outstanding orchestral sounds which can be accessed via the manuals, or pedals.
The 'Windchest Panning' feature recreates the sound field of a church environment by simulating the physical pipe location for each note you play. The feature allows users to change the setting of the pipe system by pressing a few buttons and then saving favorite stereo image settings.
C-190 expression pedal and stand are optional.
Roland C-190
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