Nord Electro finally is shipping

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The long awaited stage keyboard from Clavia, the Nord Electro - Virtual Electromechanical, is shipping since August 2001. First shown at the Frankfurt Musikmesse 2000, its sound and performance has now been utterly enhanced. Clavia claims the new Nord Electro to be the world´s best stage keyboard with an obvious place in every keyboard players rig. Clavia's goal when developing the Nord Electro was to create the best emulations of traditional electromechanical keyboard instruments on the market, and to make the instrument compact and lightweight. And nothing but electromechanical keyboard sounds with true feel, from fast keyboard response to authentic sound.
The organ in the Electro is based on a digital simulation of the mechanical tone wheels of the B-3 organ. It offers innovative solutions to reproduce the typical B-3 sound like a complex digital model of the original chorus and vibrato scanner, modeling of the individual random contact bounces for each partial, and modeling of the unique frequency characteristics of the built-in pre-amplifier which forms the "body" of the B-3 sound in combination with simulating the energy stealth on the tone wheels that results in the typical compressed sound. Authentic tuning of the tone wheels according to the original B3 design is also featured.
The piano section comprises four carefully multi-sampled electric piano instruments: Rhodes Mk II Stage Piano, Wurlitzer 200A, Clavinet D6 and CP-80 Electric Grand. The Electro features a unique multi-sample playback, catching every nuance from soft to hard hits. As a bonus Clavis included an acoustic grand piano.
The big advantage of using Flash memory are obsolete backup batteries. The Electro also sports a USB interface for quick and easy download of new piano sounds in the future.
Nord Electro comes in two different versions: the 5-octave Nord Electro SixtyOne and the 6-octave Nord Electro SeventyThree.
Nord Electro 73 by Clavia
Nord Electro 63
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