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One year after the introduction of Wersi's OpenArt-System (OAS) all instruments are now shipping with the latest operating system version 3.0. All owners of OAS keyboards and organs will receive the new software including a full manual.
Curt Prina, Claudia Hirschfeld and Mark Whale already performed at the Musikmesse Frankfurt using the new software and attarcted a lot of attention. Now, every owner of a Wersi OpenArt-instrument has access to the latest styles and sounds and can make use of a lot new features. In addition, Wersi will give away for free a whole new package of styles, Realdrums and total presets.

New features of OAS software version 3.0:

Easy Record offers harddisk recording with multi-tracking featuring audio recording from microphones and line-inputs. Standard audio CDs can be copied to hardddisk. With the optional CD writer compiling and burning of audio CD's onboard is easily done.
The new factory sound include several saxophone tones, brass, guitars, choirs, jazz vocals, pianos and  violin. 
The style editor in version 3.0 allows changing volumes, sounds and effects as well as individual track-settings of attack, release, filter and wrap point. Settings can now be made without using a computer keyboard and a mouse.
Using the sequence editor gives access to volumes, sounds and effects of all of the 16 tracks. Single sounds can be transposed in octave steps and a complete sequence can be transposed quickly. Total presets are expanded and now include the storage of programmable footswitches and pedals for drums and accompaniment. Also stored within total presets are Wersi chord type, after touch on/off (only Abacus, Vegas und Verona) and the accompaniment bass off/on.
The new software imports up to 128 new sounds, including Akai S1000/2000/3000 compatible and  offers multiple keyboard plits. Extended MIDI functionality includes sound presets of MIDI modules into total presets and switch mapping.

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