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Roland SH-201 brings back the synthesizer-fun

Launched at winter Namm 2006, Roland's SH-201 is bringing back the fun of playing around with oscillators, waveforms, envelope filters and resonances of the 70s. And it provides USB connectivity, MIDI and VST compatibility.
With two analog-modeling oscillators onboard, complete with the Supersaw waveform and resonant filter, this little synth can blow down doors. It also comes with high-quality delay and reverb effects, a saturation control for adding a ripsaw edge, and an arpeggiator.
External audio sources can be plugged into external input (CD/MP3-player, vocal mic, guitar, bass) and the sound can be twisted with the front-panel knobs and sliders. Players can wave their hands over the SH-201's invisible D Beam for dramatic modulation.
The SH-201 can be connected to a computer with one simple USB cable. Both MIDI and audio can be routed through the USB port. A free VSTi software editor is included, which allows SH-201 sounds to be manipulated from within a VST-compatible host software sequencer.
The SH-201's front panel puts every control in a logically positioned signal path from left to right. No hidden menus, just play and move the knobs and sliders.
Roland SH-201 analog-modeling synthesizer
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