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SPL launches products for mixing, monitoring and mastering at AES

A straight 16 in 2 summing box, SPL's MixDream XP debuted at prolight+sound show 2005 and will be highlighted at the SPL booth 1137 at 119th AES, New York City. Lacking the inserts and processing stages of the MixDream, price and space requirements are reduced remarkably while the MixDream's active summing stages are retained. Entirely discrete signal paths run on 60V rails in Class A mode. With a maximum output level of +27dBu and a noise level -97dB the dynamic range reaches up to 124dB.
Control functions comprise a mono switch for each of the eight channel pairs. The output level can be set to unity gain, alternatively an output level control allows for individual adjustments. On the rear, two SubD25-connectors provide 16 input channels, both master and monitor stereo outputs as well as the expansion output are powered by XLR connectors.
spl MixDream XP
Originally launched in 2004, the SMC Surround Monitor Controller 2381 comes with a new front panel and a mighty volume knob, complementing the desgin of SPL's new controller series. The new SMC 2489 provides source and speaker management for both 5.1 and stereo speaker setups as well as dim, mute and mono switches. The fully analog volume control is based on a precision potentiometer with six layers. Direct analogue signal processing dispenses with DACs or VCAs for neutral sound results, dynamic and frequency range specifications above SACD standard ensure straight monitoring quality for all audio formats.
For the first time in Germany SPL shows the new products of their 120V Mastering series at the Frankfurt show. The 120V technology is based on SPL's proprietary 120V op-amps, pushing the dynamic range of analogue circuits up to 150dB. This allows for creation of products with superior benchmarks than all known and foreseeable audio formats, whether analogue or digital.
The MMC2, a compact 19 inch version of the fully featured multichannel mastering console MMC1, is conceived as the center of a multichannel and stereo mastering environment to fulfill the tasks of speaker management, multiple inputs and returns connectivity, input and output trimming as well as pure analogue, continuously variable 8-channel master fader and monitor level setting. Optionally an automated 8 x 8 channel insert routing box for external processors is available (SPL MasterBay).
The DMC (Dual-Channel Mastering Console) is SPL's 120V command center for stereo mastering environments. it provides speaker management, sources and returns connectivity, input and output trimming, analogue 2-channel master fader and monitor level setting. The DMC can be supplemented with the SPL MasterBay to provide automated 8 x 2 channel insert routing of external processors.
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