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Cerwin Vega launches entry level Intense line

Unveiled at winter NAMM show 2005, Cerwin-Vega introduced its Intense line of portable sound reinforcements products to the European market at prolight+sound show, Frankfurt. The line is comprised of three new models including titanium compression drivers, plywood cabinets and Cerwin-Vega's HighRoad horns for improved high-end performance and clarity.
"The Intense line represents a real step forward for Cerwin-Vega! and gives our customers a highly competitive alternative to the more traditional product lines in this segment", said Domenic Buonincontri, General Manager, Cerwin-Vega!. "For the first time, we are able to produce an entry level line with the look and the feature sets usually found only in systems costing far more."
The INT-152 is an 8-Ohm, 2-way, 15-inch passive reflex design rated at 600 watts. With a frequency response of 50-Hz to 20kHz, the 152 is suited as a stand-alone sound reinfocement solution or for augmenting with the Int-118S subwoofer.
The INT-252 is a 4-Ohm design that features two 15-inch woofers with 2.5 inch high temperature voice coils and Cerwin-Vega's HighRoad horns. Rated at 1000 watts with a frequency response of 45 Hz to 20 kHz, the model 252 gives users the flexibility to use it as a stand alone, arrayed or in conjunction with the 118S subwoofer.
The INT-118S subwoofer features a single 18-inch transducer with a cast aluminum frame for added strength and reliability. This subwoofer employs a 3-inch voice coil for sustained power handling With a frequency response of 38 Hz to 500 Hz, the 118S is rated at 500 watts and can provide ample low-end fullness for a wide variety of applications.
Intense series by Cerwin Vega
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