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FBT launches versatile Formula 143FXA powered mixer

FBT introduced its Formula 143FXA professional powered mixer at prolight + sound show 2009 in Frankfurt. It also was showcased at InfoComm 2009, in Orlando, Florida. The 143FXA features professional components to supply professional features and professional reliability. It is designed for a wide range of professional sound reinforcement applications.
The Formula 143FXA's mixing section provides 14 channels, six of which are mono with XLR/line plus insert while four stereo channels offer XLR-Mic in plus L/R line in. The on-board amplifiers feature PWM technology (Class D) with one switch mode power supply for each unit. The output is 2 x 850W into 4 ohm loads. The mixer weighs in at only 14 kg thanks to lightweight technology developed by FBT.
Features of the mono channel include gain, 100 Hz high-pass-filter, 3-band EQ with sweepable semi-parametric midrange from 100 Hz to 8 kHz at ±15dB, two pre/post plus two post only auxiliaries, pan, mute, PFL, peak led, reen led to highlight the presence of the signal on the channel, and 60 mm Alps dust protected faders.
The stereo channels feature gain for mic-in, 100 Hz high-pass-filter, line-in volume, 3-band EQ (HF, MF, LF at ± 15dB), two pre/post plus two post only auxiliaries, balance, mute, PFL, peak led, green led for signal, and 60 mm Alps dust protected faders.
The balanced inputs provide 48 V Phantom power.
Formula 143FXA is offers three independent effect sections. Accessable directly or via MIDI, effects A and B are available in all channels, featuring multitap and 15 effect banks with 16 variations. Effect C is resident on channel 13/14 and offers 20 effect banks with 16 variations, all controlled via MIDI. Four banks are dedicated to musical instruments like electric guitar and or others. Effect C can also be used in side-chain mode. .
The Master section of the Formula 143FXA features the pre/post selection for the two auxiliary busses, mute, PFL, switchable anti-feedback filters which are sweepable over a range from 70Hz to 7kHz for precise elimination of feedback.
The independent channels of the 2x7-band equaliser with optimsed frequency bands for live performances can be bypassed separately. External devices can connect through the EQ-In / EQ-Out sockets.
The built-in power amplifiers can be used independently from the mixing desk, to drive external passive speakers or monitors. The XLR L/R line outs allow for connections with active speaker systems. Built-in USB 2.0 input connected to the 2-TRK SND/RTN to record and play your music desired program.
The FBT Formula 143FXA is dedicated to those who want to reinforce a full band in venues with more than 500 people.
Formula 143FXA is also suitable for fixed installations where typical configurations with passive speakers are required.
powered mixer Formula 143FXA by FBT
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