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beyerdynamic introduces the unique M(y)88 microphone 'Manufaktur'

Unveiled at Winter NAMM show 2009, beyerdynamic took the M(y)88 microphone “Manufaktur” to its European debut at prolight + sound show in Frankfurt. Crated by beyerdynamic product designer Juliane Eckstein, the M(y)88 microphone “Manufaktur” provides musicians with acknowledged beyerdynamic sound and individual design options. Only a few days ahead of the Frankfurt show, the jury of the renowned “reddot design award” announced beyerdynamic’s M(y)88 as winner in the category “product design 2009”. The reddot design award, an international commendation for design, is annually awarded by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen in Essen, Germany and is given to products and projects with top-class design quality.
Joining the headphone “Manufaktur” where customers are able to configure their individual beyerdynamic headphones of the Premium line for several years already, the website is available with four design areas to provide different options for an individual microphone design. The customer can create and order his personal microphone online.
“Due to our clear organisational structure in Heilbronn, Germany we have a real advantage regarding this unique sales argument of individualisation. Many processes of the microphone production are done by hand. Therefore, special productions such as the M(y)88 can be integrated into the production process anytime.” comments Wolfgang Ernst, manager of the ProAudio business unit at beyerdynamic.
The base model for the M(y)88 is the M 88 TG, a dynamic hypercardioid microphone, which is knon for its high gain-before-feedback and wide frequency response. In the USA the M 88 TG has been considered for years as a standard microphone for rock and blues music as well as an ideal microphone for demanding applications and difficult acoustic conditions.
There are four design areas available. The “Retrospect” design area provides the classic design version of the M(y)88. It represents the long lasting tradition of beyerdynamic. A fine mesh stainless steel basket and a hand sewn leather shaft in three colours are available. The optional addition of embossing a name makes this model really unique.
The “Midnight” design area is dominated by precious black. All design elements are available from brushed stainless steel rings to platinum coating with a black diamond. The highlight of the individualisation of the shaft is the patent pending “voice print” engraving based on the customer’s voice.
The date of birth is the individual design basis in the “Spectrum” area. The microphone shaft is divided in terms of colours into three rings, which widths and colours are determined from the date and month of birth of the artist. A customised configuration of the ring colours and widths is also possible. The result: a unique microphone with a one-off play of colours.
The “Gradient” area provides a three-dimensional design: A unique “voice print” is generated based on the customer’s voice and produced on the microphone shaft.
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