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Mackie introduces PPM line of powered mixers at InfoComm 2008

Mackie chose InfoComm InfoComm 2008, Las Vegas, booth C4549, to announce its new line of ultra-light professional powered mixers ─ the PPM608, the PPM1008, and the PPM1012. Each model features custom-designed Mackie Class-D Fast Recovery Amplifiers, which are cooler running and more efficient than their predecessors. A complete set of professional mixing tools includes premium Mackie preamps, two built-in DI boxes, 3-band active EQ, and in-line compressors adding presence and punch for vocals and instruments. The new onboard 32-bit RMFX effects processor boasts a sane, useable set of premium reverbs, choruses and multi-tap delays.
The PPM608 8-Channel, 1000W powered mixer includes 8 premium Mackie mic preamps, 48V phantom power and 6 TRS inserts. The PPM1008 8-channel powered mixer provides 1600W of power, 8 premium Mackie mix preamps, 48V phantom power and 6 TRS inserts. The PPM1012 12-Channel Powered Desktop Mixer features 8 mic/line mono inputs and 2 stereo line inputs…all the features of a Mackie mic/line mixer, with the added benefit of tremendously powerful built-in amplifiers.
“While they may be lightweight, the new Mackie PPMs deliver mad power,” said Gilbert Perales, Mackie product manager. “You won’t see smoke when driving dual S225 15” towers from our mixer…We provide more than enough power for a complete system,” said Gilbert. “Unlike other powered mixers that are crammed with a bunch of useless effects, the PPMs include an arsenal of ‘gig-ready’ effects and mixing tools,” added Perales. “And in Mackie tradition, all 3 will survive years of abuse with features like rugged metal chassis, and integrated metal carrying handles.”
The PPM608, 1008 and will be available in the U.S. in June 2008 and internationally in July 2008. PPM1012’s availability is Q3 of 2008.
Mackie also expands its popular VLZ3 compact mixer line with the release of the 402-VLZ3 and the 802-VLZ3 Mic/Line Mixers at InfoComm 2008. Incorporating the same technology as their big brothers in the series, the 402-VLZ3 and 802-VLZ3 bring Mackie’s premium sound, performance and reliability to the ultra-compact mixer category.
“The 802-VLZ3 is the perfect mixer for someone who wants the overall quality of a 1202-VLZ3, but doesn’t need that many input channels,” said Greg Young, Mackie Product Manager. “The 402-VLZ3 is designed to be compact with an intelligently scaled feature set that maintains the sound quality and performance of the other Mackie VLZ3s.”
The 402- and 802-VLZ3 feature the studio-grade XDR2 (Extended Dynamic Range) microphone preamps, proprietary active EQ, and modern summing bus architecture to ensure high-headroom, low-noise performance. The compact, rugged, all-steel chassis houses switchable line/Hi-Z instrument inputs, phantom power for use with condenser microphones, and bright stereo LED meters.
The 402-VLZ3 features two mono mic/line channels, a dedicated stereo line channel and an assignable stereo RCA input channel. Mono channels each include an XDR2 preamp, switchable high-pass filter, 2-band EQ and a channel overload LED, and can be hard-panned for stereo applications.
The 802-VLZ3 includes 5 channel strips with 3 XDR2 mic preamps, the Alt 3-4 bus, a pre-/post-switchable aux send, a dedicated stereo aux return, plus a comprehensive control room section.
Mackie 402-VLZ3
Mackie 402-VLZ3
Mackie PPM 1012 powered mixer launched at InfoComm 2008
Mackie PPM 1012
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