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Community introduces the Sonus line of speakers for the working musician

Community announces the introduction of Sonus, the company’s new line of portable linear-response loudspeaker systems, at winter Namm show 2007, Anaheim. Designed to meet the needs of the working musician, Sonus comprises four full-range models and two subwoofers. All feature low distortion, high-impact sonic capability, ease of transport, and durable construction to withstand the rigors of the road. “We’re pleased to debut Sonus at Namm, America’s premiere music industry trade event,” said Julia Lee, Community’s Director of Sales & Marketing. “As our latest product line, Sonus is ideally suited for distribution by MI dealers, not only here in the States, but all across our world market.”
Sonus full-range models start with the S1296, a two-way system comprising a 12" cone driver and a 1" horn-loaded high frequency driver, housed in a multi-angle enclosure. The versatile S1296 works equally well as a FOH system or on the stage, as a floor monitor.
Next in the line is the trapezoidal S1596, a 15"/1" two-way system with a well defined 90º x 60º polar pattern.
Following the S1596, the larger S3294 makes the leap to a full three-way system employing a 12" LF cone driver, a 6.5" horn-loaded MF cone driver, and a 1" horn loaded HF compression driver.
The largest of the line, the S3594, comprises a 15" cone driver with the same Mid/Hi section as the S3294.
All models can be switched between active bi-amped and passive single-amped operation, to readily accommodate the needs of the user. A music/voice presence switch is provided as a quick means of altering the upper mid-range to suit the acoustical conditions of the venue.
For extended low frequency response, the Sonus line includes two subwoofers with a choice of dual 15" or dual 18" high-power cone drivers. The dual 18" model is provided with integrated casters for convenient load-in and load-out. Both models feature a High-Pass Output for seamless integration with the full-range systems.
All models in the line include Dyna-Tech active protection circuitry. Dyna-Tech uses the power of the amplifier to drive a three-stage active limiter that handles abusive conditions with ease. “SONUS loudspeakers are a perfect reflection of Community’s 35 years of know-how,” stated Ken DeLoria, Community’s Product Manager. “We’ve been able to incorporate many of our technological achievements into this new line such as mathematically correct hand-laid fiberglass horns, the use of Ferrofluid to reduce power compression and distortion, and our patented Cool-Coil heat evacuation system used in the subwoofers.”
“SONUS also represents the introduction of our patent-pending Carbon Ring cone technology to the MI market. We apply a radial carbon ring to the rear of the cone to stiffen the cone material without adding appreciable mass, and to strengthen the bond between the cone and the surround. The result is lower distortion, higher reliability, and freedom from cone deformation. Equally important, this technology allows us to make the piston area of the cone 30% larger than a conventional cone in the same basket, improving both the sensitivity and the bass response,” DeLoria continued.
Sonus line of loudspeakers by Community
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