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At 120th AES Sennheiser focusses on wireless solutions

At 120th AES in Paris Sennheiser will exhibit its professional wireless range and explain how complex multi-channel audio transmission in the age of digital TV can be achieved successfully. Among the products on display at stand 1813 will be Sennheiser's SK 5212 bodypack transmitter, SKM 5200 handheld transmitter, 3250 wireless monitoring system, and the NET 1 network system. Products from Sennheiser's 5000 Series allow professional users to safely navigate the frequency constraints brought about by DVB-T, and achieve frequency agility and transmission reliability in multi-channel productions.
The SK 5212 is a small bodypack transmitter and offers the opportunity to conceal the latest audio technology in its most compact form, making it virtually inconspicuous on the body or in clothing. New features include a convenient menu-controlled operation and a backlit display that remains clearly legible even in difficult light conditions. Specifications of the mini-transmitter (5.3 x 6 x 1.7 cm) include a 36 MHz switching bandwidth freely selectable within the entire UHF range from 450 to 960 MHz, a bank of fixed frequencies with the remaining freely tunable in 5 kHz steps, and an input sensitivity adjustable in 1 dB steps. A single AA battery ensures that the SK 5212 works reliably for 5.5 hours at its full 50 mW output power. If the transmitter power is reduced to 10 mW, the transmitter can even be used for up to 11 hours. Battery status is indicated at the bodypack transmitter and is also sent to the receiver via a battery telegram.
The SKM 5200 handheld transmitter replaces the SKM 5000 / SKM 5000 N models. "We thought about how we could make this superb microphone even better," explains Sven Boetcher, Product Manager Professional Systems. "And so we developed a new, intuitive menu that is extremely easy to operate via a multi-functional switch. Users also have two frequency banks at their disposal, one with fixed frequencies that they have pre-selected and a bank that is freely programmable in 5 kHz steps within the switching bandwidth of 36 MHz. We then packaged the whole system inside a newly developed, specially reinforced housing." Like its famous predecessor, the SKM 5200 (available in the colors black, nickel and steel blue) can be combined with eight interchangeable microphone heads, including two Neumann capsules.
To ideally match the new transmitter generation, the receiver system of the 5000 Series, the EM 1046, has also been adapted to the new switching bandwidth of 36 MHz. Similarly, the EM 3532 twin receiver is now also available with the new switching bandwidth. "Older Sennheiser products are, of course, also compatible with our newcomers, as we have always taken great care to make our products a secure investment," says Sven Boetcher.
Sennheiser is presenting the System 3250, a wireless monitoring system with frequencies that are also freely tunable in 5 kHz steps within the switching bandwidth of 36 MHz. The SR 3254 stereo transmitter or the SR 3256 twin stereo transmitter operate with an RF output power of up to 100 mW, provide noise reduction of up to 90 dB and have an audio frequency response of 40 to 15,000 Hz. The compact EK 3253 bodypack receiver is around 20% smaller than its predecessor and, like the transmitter, can be conveniently programmed via a menu-controlled backlit display. A scan function automatically searches for free frequencies, while the tried-and-tested focus function enables users to create their own special mix from their own vocals/instrument signal and the overall mix of the band. The receiver comes complete with a pair of IE 4 stereo ear-canal phones that offer natural, powerful sound and outstanding bass response.
The NET 1 network system, available from summer 2006, makes the setting up, frequency management and control of multi-channel wireless systems even more convenient and efficient. The network system with its 19"/1U format consists of a microprocessor for up to ten receivers connected via a data link and an infrared interface for synchronizing the transmitters. An Ethernet port connects the system to a PC, on which the "Wireless Systems Manager" software allows convenient monitoring and remote control of the receiver parameters. The NET 1 system scans the frequency banks and automatically distributes the free frequencies to the receivers. For larger systems, several NET 1 systems can simply be cascaded.
Users of evolution wireless systems of the series ew 300 G2, ew 500 G2 and EM 550 G2 as well as the SKM 5200 hand-held transmitters and the SK 5212 bodypack transmitters merely require a Firmware update in order to start using NET 1. The EM 3532 receiver is already prepared for operation with NET 1. The integration of further Sennheiser wireless systems is planned for the future.
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