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Outline wins prestigious Plasa award for COM.P.A.S.S.

Originally launched at prolight+sound show 2005, Frankfurt, Italian Pro Audio manufacturer Outline showed the latest additions to its range of sound reinforcement systems and monitors at Plasa 2005. Previewed at Frankfurt, the COM.P.A.S.S robotized loudspeaker enclosure was unveiled in London and won one of Plasa's prestigious awards.
Using a sophisticated mechanism moved by 5 motors, COM.P.A.S.S. provides remote setup and adjustment of vertical and horizontal directivity. From 60 to 150 on the horizontal plane (even with asymmetric settings) and from 0 to 15 on the vertical plane. Another feature allows to remotely adjust the splay angle between the elements when COM. P.A.S.S. is used as a vertical line array.
A built-in laser system, for which a patent has also been applied for, displays luminous beams to determine quickly and precisely the coverage of the audio system.
At Plasa Outline also launched the D.V.S. series (Digitally Voiced Speaker) designed for a wide variety of permanent and temporary installations. The range includes the full range models D.V.S. 8, D.V.S. 12 and D.V.S. 15. One of the range's distinctive features is the use of horns with mouth dimensions similar to the size of th speaker providing more even dispersion over the entire audio spectrum. The dual cabinet inclination of all the models in the D.V.S. range enables them to be used vertically or horizontally at two different angles. Further features include recessed handles and numerous mounting points for fitting accessories suited to all types of temporary use or fixed installations.
New at Plasa 2005 was the Outline IS 8, a 2-way speaker suitable for permanent installations completing the IS range with models IS 5 and IS 6. IS 8 features an 8" woofer and a 1" soft dome tweeter for music reproduction in hi-fi quality at high sound pressure levels reacheing a peak of 118 dB at 1 metre. The most suitable applications are in venues such as pubs, music-cafés, lounge areas in clubs, stores, boutiques, shopping centres, gyms and similar locations. The IS 8 cabinet is water-resistant and therefore also suitable for outdoor use.

Frankfurt 2005 launches:

The series of high-end stage monitors was expanded by the compact H.A.R.D. 45, featuring the same original design known from the larger (115 and 212) models. Despite of its low profile and light weight, the self-powered 2-way H.A.R.D. 45 can deliver a peak SPL of 129 dB/1m. Using four special 5" mid-drivers and a compression driver with a 1" throat loaded by the S.P.R.W.G. (Single Parabolic Reflective Wave Guide) H.A.R.D. 45 offers fast transient response. Designer Guido Noselli explains: "It would have been easier - and much less expensive - to use a 10" woofer instead of four 5" ones, but it's very unlikely that we would have achieved the same naturalness in speech reproduction and, in spite of the enclosure's compact dimensions, we wouldn't have managed to achieve the sound projection the H.A.R.D. 45 is able to give on both planes and, thanks to this feature, very low feedback risk". Also, the H.A.R.D. 45 can easily be stored inside the new Global Sub, saving considerable space during transport.
The Global Sub subwoofer exploits Outline's internationally patented 'space-saving' philosophy, This is not just a normal 15" sub, but also a container capable to accomodate either a H.A.R.D. 45, a pair of Micra II, or the Globe Source adjustable multi-directivity sound radiator. Other Outline products fitting the storage space of the Golbal Sub are currently being developed. The GSS (Global Subwoofer Source) features an internal 500W /4 Ohms PWM power amp for maximum SPL of 132 dB/1m. A passive model is also available.
The D4-2K two-unit rack mounting amplifier is the first in Outline's new DHD digital range. Four channels with 530 W each into 4 Ohms (4 x 310 W into 8 Ohms). The housing of the DHD amplifiers very sturdy and fitted with handles for easy transport. A 24dB/octave output filter is optional to power any two-way stereo system with satellites and a separate subwoofer without the need for extra gear.
Outline COM.P.A.S.S. line array speaker
Outline D.V.S. 12
Outline Global Sub Source
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