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Klein + Hummel freePORT PAS 400 wireless sound system

Launched at prolight+sound show 2005, Klein + Hummel's freePORT PAS 400 transportable, self-powered loudspeaker equipped with built-in amplifier and rechargeable battery provides independence from AC power at any place you like. Up to four Sennheiser evolution wireless G2 receivers can be built into two compartments for wireless reception of audio signals.
The freePORT PAS 400 is based on a state-of-the-art 3-driver design. The high-power amplifier in combination with very efficient drivers delivers high SPL, wide range, optimized coverage and feedback suppression. The freePORT PAS 400 is designed to provide clear and undistorted sound quality paired with high intelligibility for speech and music applications.
The system is easy to setup and use, suitable for applications such as summits, conferences, trade shows, lectures, banquets, parties, sporting events, schools, houses of worship, theatres, fitness clubs, and more. As the PAS 400 doesn't require any wires at all, it is immediately operable.
Further features are 2 microphone inputs, one of which with phantom power for condenser mics, Neutrik-Combo connectors (XLR or 1/4" jacks), dedicated mixing channel for up to four built-in Sennheiser evolution wireless G2 receivers, multiple DC power supply for external devices such as portable CD players, 2 RCA phono connections for both recording and playback, 3-band equalizer, XLR-line-out for external devices, and an adjustable output for an additional speaker (15 W/4 Ohms).
The high-performance rechargeable battery provides wireless mode for up to 13 hours of operating time voice transmission. Quickcharge feature is available while operating, optional supply via external 12 V DC source or mains.
Klein + Hummel PAS 400 freePORT
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