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HK Audio launches ConTour series at prolight+sound 2005

HK Audio has unveiled a major addition to its Concert Sound range at Frankfurt prolight+sound 2005. The ConTour Series comprises a range of four loudspeaker cabinets for professional nearfield sound reinforcement providing high SPL, large headroom and clear sound on short to medium distances.
The CT 108 is a very compact, 8"/1" full-range cabinet with passive crossover for PA or nearfield monitoring. It can also be used with a subwoofer as a small club system. The CT 112 is a compact 12"/1.4" full-range cabinet delivering high output and intelligibility for nearfield applications. The CT 115 is a 15"/1.4" full-range cabinet similar to the CT 112 but with extended low-mid/bass performance and two additional handles for easy transport. The CT 118 Sub is a front-loaded 18" subwoofer with optional switchable passive crossover. It can be used singly or stacked with other CT 118 subs.
The 2-way cabinets in the ConTour Series can be used either stand alone as full-range systems or as mid/high units combined with the CT 118 subwoofer CDR 210/CDR 210 C subs of the Cohedra line array range. The CT 112 and CT 115 models incorporate passive crossovers which can be taken off for biamped operation.
Providing precise directivity, the CT 112 and CT 115 feature the BEM Technology 60x40 CD horn and allows multiple cabinets to be clustered without phase issues. The horn can also be rotated for an alternative coverage pattern.
Featuring HK Audio's proprietary TripleTilt pole-mount cup, CT 112 and CT 115 offer three different angles to tilt the units at the audience when used on a pole mount or tripod. The ConTour Series sports a single-fly-point mounting system and light weight for easy setup and tear-down. Optional mounting yokes and the new TiltMount clamp adapter can be mounted without tools.
Suitable for an application range including small presentations, club gigs, stage monitoring, or frontfills for the Cohedra line array system, the ConTour Series was designed to be a versatile system for rental companies.
HK Audio CT112 with single-fly-point
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