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Alcons 'officially' introduces its Q-series

For the third time exhibiting at prolight+sound, Hall 8 D15, Alcons unveiled the anticipated production version of the LR14, Alcons' compact line-array module. Featuring the patented RBN401 pro-ribbon driver and double 6.5" woofers with a dispersion pattern of 120 x 15 degrees, the LR14 is designed to be used as an ultra-compact line-array system or as under-fill of the LR16.
New in 2005 is the LR14B, a highly compact bass module of the LR14 line-array with double Neodymium 12" in double-tuned band-pass configuration. The LR14B combines a very low weight with very high specific SPL output, providing a powerful low-frequency extension in both stacked and flown array configurations.
Main focus will be on the official introduction of the Q-series. Announced at Plasa 2004, the Q-series is based on modular line-source columns with heights of 1 meter or 0,5 meter. The series has been designed to provide ultimate intelligibility in acoustically challenging environments. The scalable ribbon-arrays combine a very high directivity with controlled dispersion horizontally and vertically. The Q-series features patented, all-new pro-ribbon transducer technology, the RBN1801 pro-ribbon driver offering a power handling of 3kW, an efficiency of 110dB with 1Watt @ 1m, and an operating range from 1kHz to 20kHz (+/-3dB).
The Q-series starts with two models, the QR18 (0,5m featuring RBN1801 and 3x 6.5" woofers) and the QR36 (1m, featuring 2x RBN1801 and 6x 6.5" woofers).
Alcons QR36 with QR18
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