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EAW JFXi series features advanced Orbital Magnet Array technology

Eastern Acoustic Works used PLASA show 2004 to introduce six new models into its popular JFX Series of portable two-way loudspeakers. The JFX100i, JFX200i, JFX260i, JFX290i, JFX560i and JFX590i incorporate new woofers that benefit from an advanced magnet structure geometry, the Orbital Magnet Array.
Instead of a solid disc, EAW's Orbital Magnet Array distributes small magnets around the voice coil and pole. This innovative design provides enhanced airflow through the magnet structure itself, which increases thermal capacity and reduces power compression. The scalloped outer profile generates greater flux density for more efficient transfer of electrical power into cone movement and higher sensitivity.
The Orbital Magnet Array also produces a more consistent magnetic field that converts audio signals into cone movements with greater accuracy, reducing distortion and increasing transient impact. The outstanding performance of these purpose-designed drivers has allowed EAW engineers to implement minimum-phase passive crossover/filter networks without compromising overall system accuracy.
The 10-inch and 15-inch JFXi woofer cones are filled with fiberglass to enhance their rigidity and are coated to protect them against water and humidity. The 15-inch woofer has a 4-inch copper clad aluminum (CCA) coil with full-length, inside/outside winding which increases power handling and maximizes linear travel for extended LF output. The 10-inch woofer uses a low-inductance 3-inch copper voice coil.
Other technologies that have made the JFX Series a global leader in its category have also been included in the new models. Horns are designed using EAW's proprietary software as a part of the modeling and optimization process. The compression drivers use highly damped titanium diaphragms and neodymium magnets for transparent high frequencies.
11/2004 Pro-Music-News
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