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L-Acoustics launches line source array system KUDO

L-Acoustics chose 117th AES in San Francisco to launch its KUDO line source array marking a significant evolution in L-Acoustics' pioneering Wavefront Sculpture Technology (WST) since WST can now be performed in both vertical and horizontal planes. Combining two of L-Acoustics proprietary technologies, KUDO stands for K-Louver Modular Directivity United with DOSC waveguide Technology.
Two patented DOSC waveguides are incorporated in KUDO, allowing WST to be performed either vertically or horizontally. In parallel, coverage pattern adjustment is available in the perpendicular plane using patent-pending K-Louver technology. Mechanically-adjustable K-Louvers provide directivity control for the mid/high section and allow KUDO to be reconfigured with four different coverage pattern settings.
L-Acoustics KUDO is primarily intended for end users such as regional sound companies for touring or corporate applications and for high-performance permanent installation in theatres, concert halls, houses of worship, sports facilities, clubs, congress centers, hotel ballrooms, theme parks or arenas. A full range 3-way system, KUDO can be used for corporate, classical or theatrical sound reinforcement without subwoofers due to its exceptional low end performance. For touring applications, the addition of L-Acoustics subwoofers is recommended.
A complete turnkey system is available consisting of KUDO enclosures, dedicated rigging, L-Acoustics subwoofers, OEM factory presets for approved digital signal processors, power amplifier racks and associated loudspeaker plus signal distribution paneling and cables.
KUDO combines the functions of a variable-curvature vertical line source array (like V-DOSC) and a constant-curvature horizontal line source array (like ARCS). Given the choice of 4 directivity settings and 2 orientation possibilities, KUDO provides the performance equivalent of 8 different loudspeakers.
When used vertically as a variable curvature line source array with inter-enclosure angles of 0-10 at 1 resolution, the horizontal directivity can be configured as: 50 (symmetric); 110 (symmetric); 25 x 55 (asymmetric) or 55 x 25 (asymmetric).
Within the same vertical line source array, individual enclosures can be configured with different horizontal directivity depending on the shape, width and reverberation properties of the venue.
When used horizontally as a constant curvature line source array, 10 inter-enclosure angles are used and the horizontal coverage is 10 x N (where N= number of enclosures). Vertical directivity can then be configured as: 50 (symmetric); 110 (symmetric); 25 x 55 (asymmetric) or 55 x 25 (asymmetric).
KUDO line source array by L-Acoustics
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