Alcons previews Q-Series

At PLASA show 2004, stand C22 upper level, Alcons will give a sneaky preview of the all new Q-Series. In 2003 at PLASA as prototype, in 2004 the production model of the LR16 pro-ribbon line-array module will be on the show. The recently launched LR16B, double-15" NeoDymium driver bandpass supplement, will join the LR16.
The LR14, Alcons' compact line-array module, features the patented RBN401 pro-ribbon driver. Designed as either ultra-compact line-array system, or as under-fill of the LR16, the LR14 provides a dispersion pattern of 120 x 15 degrees. The 800W peak power handling offers similar dynamic response as its bigger brother LR16.
A preview will be given on the new Q-series, a new product range of modular line-source array columns, featuring pro-ribbon transducer technology. The series is being designed as solution to get ultimate intelligibility in acoustically challenging environments. The scalable ribbon-arrays combine a very high directivity with totally controlled dispersion.
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