Outline H.A.R.D. 115 SP low profile stage monitor

H.A.R.D 115 PS self powered monitor speaker by Outline Launched at SIB 2004, Rimini, Outline showcased its latest self powered stage monitor H.A.R.D. 115 SP at ProLight+Sound 2004, Frankfurt. The new model features a 15" woofer and a compression driver with a 2.56" diaphragm, loaded by the same parabola-shaped acoustic reflector of the Outline H.A.R.D. 212 which was used on tour by Eric Clapton, Steve Howe and by top Italian artists such as Claudio Baglioni, Francesco De Gregori, Giorgia, Carmen Consoli, Paola Turci and Sabina Guzzanti.
H.A.R.D. 115 SP sports a low profile housing of 39 cm height in spite of the components being vertically aligned for an impeccable design. This layout ensures symmetrical horizontal dispersion, a fundamental feature for monitors, enabling artists to hear the same sound balance at any position on stage.
Sporting a two-way design with a passive crossover and a single-channel amplifier with DSP control, H.A.R.D. 115 provides high ourtput (135 dB peak) comparable to the top of the range. The unit's weight is only 25 kg.
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