Turbosound launches Aspect series for touring and fixed installations

Launched at ProLight + Sound 2004 in Frankfurt, Turbosound'shigh efficiency Aspect series will have its UK debut at PLASA 2004 along with new QLight systems.
The Aspect series is easily scaleable to suit specific acoustic and venue requirements ranging from small clubs and auditoria, to the largest arenas and stadia.
Turbosound's Aspect series consists of four modules: touring mid/high and bass enclosures fitted with integral rigging hardware and a trapezoidal mid/high with matching bass cabinet, designed for ground stacking and fixed installations. The design of the Aspect series features a set of proprietary transducers, which operate over four individual frequency bands and are divided between the system's modular mid-high and low-frequency enclosures.
The Aspect series incorporates many patented concepts, with the key element being the system's Polyhorn designs. These are applied at both high and high-mid frequencies, and comprise equal-path-length multi-section waveguides that create a phase-coherent wavefront. This design permits individual wavefronts to coincide seamlessly with the physical curvature of an array, to minimise comb filtering effects between adjacent cabinets and, due to the design's tightly focused point-and-shoot directivity, the system is intuitively adaptable to a huge range of room size and audience coverage requirements.
All the Aspect series' transducers have been designed in-house. High-stability neodymium magnet structures are used throughout. Enclosure dimensions are exactly divisible into both US and European truck sizes, while the integral flying hardware enables the boxes - with their rotatable mid-high section - to rig horizontally or vertically, and allows cabinets to be pre-assembled on wheel dollies for easier load-ins. The flying hardware can also be easily removed to permit independent safety testing.
Four Aspect models were launched. Aimed primarily at the install market but also for ground-stacked touring applications, are the TA-880H trapezoidal mid-high system and the corresponding TA-880L low-frequency enclosure. These models use removable rigging swords that form a simple, lightweight and easy to use flying system. For both large- and small-scale touring applications, the TA-890H mid-high unit, and the identically-sized TA-890L low-frequency enclosure, are designed to be flown in point source arrays.

Digitally Powered QLight

The new digitally-powered QLight systems at PLASA include the TQ-445DP three-way trapezoidal cabinet, the TQ-310DP two-way trapezoidal enclosure, the compact TQ-308DP trapezoidal two-way and the TQ-115DP single 15" bass cabinet. All the systems employ new-generation Class-D power amplifiers, which incorporate DSP technology using a 96kHz sample rate. Among the first self-powered loudspeaker systems to offer Class-D amplification, Turbosound's QLight systems utilise a new design of lightweight Class-D power amplifier module, which boasts a 110dB dynamic range. The systems are capable of operating at more than 90% overall efficiency. In addition to the increase in efficiency, which is maintained even at relatively low power levels, Class-D operation also brings advantages in terms of heat dissipation. The design's use of pulse-width modulation techniques removes the need for a heat sink and results in significant weight savings, since unlike Class AB designs, only 10 per cent of energy is lost as heat.
The loudspeakers' sophisticated 96kHz DSP technology incorporates EQ, active crossovers and output limiters, to ensure the new systems are perfectly optimised and completely self-contained, needing only a signal feed from a console.
Turbosound's new amplifier module, which can be retro-fitted to earlier QLight systems, delivers 2 x 800 watts into 8 Ohms. It features an ultra-fast switch-mode power supply, with auto-sensing from 100V to 240V, enabling easy operation anywhere in the world. The TQ-310DP and TQ-308DP models also feature a rotatable HF Converging Elliptical Waveguide?, which provides a 100 horizontal by 60 vertical coverage pattern, and can be removed and turned through 90 to allow the loudspeakers to be used horizontally. The loudspeakers' rear panels include Neutrik Powerco connectors, limit Hi and limit Lo LEDs, and an EQ contour selector for voice optimisation and use with DP subwoofers.
Turbosound Aspect TA880
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