Madras M 212 adds midrange power for medium sized venues

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The latest addition to the Dynacord Madras series is the powered speaker M 212, a two-way, mid-high/fullrange system. Delivering sound pressure levels required for most medium-sized venues, Madras M 212 uses 2x12" Electro-Voice Neodymium ND12A drivers for low midrange and a 3" voice coil Electro-Voice ND-6 neodymium driver through an 80 x 55 constant directivity horn for the high frequencies. The power amplifier delivers 600 watts (460 watts LF /140 watts HF) achieving peak sound pressure levels in excess of 131 dB/ 1 m with minimal distortion projecting sound almost twice as far as a passive speaker would. Voice Coil Tracking Protection avoids thermal overload.
Designed for use in high-quality, high-power active 3-way applications, the Madras M 212, features an asymmetric, birch multiplex enclosure. Combined with sub-woofers such as the Madras M 18, the M 212 contributes power and impressive projection to the mid/high range. The Madras system also offers very high gain-before-feedback which makes it an excellent choice for high-end monitoring. It also works as a stand-alone full-range system.
Further features include an integrated crossover (124 Hz, Linkwitz-Riley 24 dB/Octave) with signal processing, switchable fullrange and mid-high modes, HF range (> 800 Hz) amplified by a separate Class AB power stage and a linear frequency response over the entire 80 x 55 radiation zone. The optional rigging kit RK-4 allows the Madras M 212 to be flown either vertically or horizontally.
Dynacord Madras M 212
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