Cerwin Vega's all new Vision series

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Announced at the Plasa show 2003 in London, Cerwin Vega showed their flagship Vision Series at Musikmesse /ProLight + Sound 2004 in Frankfurt, Germany. Vision features five completely new designs specifically aimed at live sound reinforcement and non-engineered sound applications. The Vision line is comprised of two, 3-way, full-range (bi-ampable) trapezoidal enclosures with ATM equipped fly points; two subwoofers; and a single 12-inch coaxial enclosure that doubles as a floor monitor and flyable install speaker. The series includes the VIS-153, a single 15-inch 3-way system; the VIS-253, a dual 15-inch 3-way system; the VIS-122, a single 12-inch coaxial enclosure; the VIS-218 subwoofer, a dual 18-inch direct radiator and VIS-36, a trapezoidal folded bass horn with a single 18-inch woofer.
"Vision represents the pinnacle of Cerwin-Vega's engineering and manufacturing capabilities," said David Rice, Cerwin-Vega President. "More importantly, Vision also represents a real breakthrough for our customers, offering them a range of powerful and elegant performers along with outstanding value."
Each enclosure is constructed of 18mm, 13-ply Baltic Birch cabinetry with heavy-duty internal bracing. The systems are finished in a black textured Polyurethane-based finish, which is virtually indestructible. Cerwin-Vega has announced that future finishes will be available including white for houses of worship and primer, enabling the customer to choose their own finish.
Cerwin Vega Vision series
VegaGrip cast aluminum handles are provided for easy and comfortable transporting. Optional accessories include an ATM truss bracket for arraying and flying up to three V-153 enclosures.
In summarizing his feelings about the launch, Cerwin-Vega! President David Rice said, "We're very proud of all that Vision represents for the marketplace and believe that the line will quickly become a worthy flagship statement for the Cerwin-Vega! brand itself."
The high frequency component is a 44mm titanium compression driver loaded into a proprietary 1-inch throat 90 x 60 horn. A combination of exponential and hyperbolic horn geometry and careful attention to throat shape results in controlled directivity and smooth HF response without typical horn coloration.
The midrange device is 75mm titanium midrange compression driver coupled to a proprietary elliptical horn with a 2-inch throat. The horn provides constant directivity and controlled beam width. The elliptical mouth eliminates the sharp edges that cause high frequency distortion, because they have no planar surfaces and are less prone to common horn resonances.
Proprietary cast aluminum frame woofers with 3-inch (4-inch on the VIS-218 and VIS-36) high temperature voice coils are utilized for low frequencies. The woofers feature optimized motor designs and suspension geometry coupled to carefully selected materials, resulting in extremely low distortion at high output levels.
The crossover network utilizes high-grade metal film capacitors and low inductance laminated steel coils. System components are protected by Defendcircuitry, which guards the high frequency device from excessive power without degrading the audio and eliminates high frequency shutdown. For increased performance the systems may be bi-amped with the Defend protection in place. Switches to bi-amp mode are provided with a connector configuration making the transition simple. The rugged 18-gauge input panels offer parallel 1/4-inch and Neutrik NL4 connections.
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