Cerwin Vega ProStax series at ProLight + Sound

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Cerwin Vega ProStax series showing at ProLight + SoundIntroduced at PLASA 2003, Cerwin-Vega Professional will show the ProStax series at ProLight + Sound Frankfurt 2004, hall 5.1 C35. The five systems with significantly heightened levels of value and performance are targeted at the mid-priced sound reinforcement marketplace. Tailored to the needs of live sound, DJ and music playback professionals, the ProStax Series is comprised of three, 3-way, full-range trapezoidal enclosures as well as a floor monitor and bandpass subwoofer. Members of the line include the PSX-123, a single 12-inch 3-way system, the PSX-153, a single 15-inch 3-way system and the PSX-253, a dual 15-inch 3-way system. The line is rounded out by the PSX-122, a single 12-inch coaxial which doubles as a floor monitor/ two-way stage system with pole mount and the PSX-115 15-inch bandpass subwoofer, featuring an unmistakable resemblance to the Cerwin-Vega trademark folded horn design.
With their 15mm plywood construction and beefy internal bracing, every ProStax loudspeaker is built to withstand the rigors of professional use. The systems are finished in scuff-resistant black textured catalyzed acrylic paint. For comfortable carrying, the newly-designed and highly ergonomic VegaGrip cast aluminum handles are included; and all models, except the PS-253, feature pole mounts.
High on the list of ProStax premium components is their 2-inch (44mm) titanium compression driver loaded into a proprietary 1-inch throat 90 x 60 horn. A combination of exponential and hyperbolic horn geometry and careful attention to throat shape results in controlled directivity and smooth high frequency response without typical horn coloration.
The midrange device is a 6.5-inch cone transducer with a 1.5-inch voice coil, loaded into an integrated waveguide. The speaker has its own optimally tuned back box, which eliminates interference with the low frequency section.
Proprietary cast aluminum frame woofers with 2.5inch high temperature voice coils are utilized for low frequencies. These woofers feature optimized motor designs and suspension geometry coupled to selected materials, resulting in low distortion at high output levels.
The crossover network utilizes high-grade metal film capacitors and low inductance laminated steel coils for low distortion and high resolution. System components are protected by Defend circuitry, which guards the high frequency device from excessive power without degrading the audio and eliminates high frequency shutdown. Rugged 18-gauge input panels offer parallel 1/4-inch and Neutrik NL4 connections.
"ProStax is another example of what customers can expect from the new Cerwin-Vega!", concluded David Rice, President, Cerwin-Vega! "Our focus on developing products and support that professionals want, at prices that professionals need, positions us to meet the real-world requirements of today's far more discerning and educated buyers."
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