T-Class touring loudspeakers by Community

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Community T-Class Community unveiled its new T-Class Series TFR/TSS touring system at Winter NAMM 2003. As the full-range components within the system, TFR loudspeakers employ a three-way horn-loaded design utilizing a pair of 12-inch ferrofluid-cooled woofers, a single M200 midrange driver, and either one or a pair of UC2 two-inch, nonmetallic high frequency transducers. For extended low frequency performance, the product group relies upon the single-18 TSS subwoofer, which is housed in a trapezoidal enclosure of the same size as the other systems.
By blending the full-range TFR cabinets with TSS subs, a variety of coverage patterns, output capabilities, and fullrange/ sub balances can be created. The versatility of any T-CLASS system is further enhanced by the availability of eight different TFR mid/high sections which can be installed in a matter of minutes. As a practical expedient for touring sound companies requiring a relatively small investment, this feature allows an inventory of separate mid/high sections to be maintained which are suitable for tasks ranging from dance and music clubs to theatre and performing arts centers.
Two input modules are additionally offered for all TFR systems, one of which facilitates either passive or bi-amp operation and another that supports triamplification. Plug-in by design, the modules--just like the mid/high sections-- can be swapped according to the size and scope of system requirements.
All T-Class enclosures are built using 13-ply Baltic birch plywood finished with a proprietary abrasion-resistant finish called Tufcoat. For easy rigging, the cabinets employ a standard three-point, seat-track rigging scheme, while rugged feet and special cabinet recesses facilitate stacking. Optional accessories include a modular flybar, rigging cables, dollies and covers.
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