Cerwin-Vega adds three subwoofers

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Cerwin-Vega are producing a trio of new subwoofers, spearheaded by the new AB-36 Folded Horn Bass cabinet. Featuring the company's most advanced technology and design, the AB-36 was previewed at winter NAMM 2003.
The AB-36 'Afterburner' features a signature front panel design that acts as a convection heat sink design to provide increased thermal power handling with decreased power compression, a new 4" diameter voice coil, a new and contemporary cabinet and caster design, a universal pole mount and the choice of gray carpet or textured paint finishes.
Dave Rice, president of Cerwin-Vega, said, "We're really proud of the benefits the AB-36 will provide our customers. With nearly half a century of building some of the world's best subwoofers, we knew the AB-36 had to be a worthy successor to our previous flagships. In addition to its advanced technology, we've also focused on the core Cerwin-Vega brand features of reliability, performance and value. We're confident that the AB-36 will continue our long-standing leadership in this segment."
Cerwin-Vega have also announced two further 18" folded horn bass cabinets. The JE-36 'Junior Earthquake' succeeds the LR-36 and features several design improvements over the previous model. The JE-36 features a new enclosure design to optimize the horn characteristics, a newly designed 18" woofer with new voice coil technology for sustained power handling and performance and a universal pole mount, which makes the JE-36 an ideal companion for the V-152MKII full range. The JE-36 is an affordable bass cabinet for live sound, mobile DJ and club applications.
Finally, the EL-36 'Earthquake' replaces the legendary SL-36, which had long been one of Cerwin-Vega's most popular designs. The EL-36 is designed for use with the V-152MKII.
Cerwin-Vega JE-36
Cerwin-Vega AB 36 Cerwin-Vega EL-36
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