HK Audio Linear 3 adjusts to venue acoustics

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Shipping since summer 2002, the HK Audio passive speaker Linear 3 series combines high acoustic performance, innovative features, and ease of handling, together with the manufacturing quality of HK Audio. Using the integrated Duo Tilt pole mount adapter with two mounting angles every cabinet can be directed optimally towards the audience, depending on the room size and the height of the stage. Thus, the sound energy is used more efficiently and ceiling reflections can be avoided.
The Lightguide display informes the user of the status of the cabinets and enables finer control of the sound. The horizontal alignment can be optically adjusted using the LED mounted inside the horn cabinet. That LED also flashes as soon as a signal is connected to the system. A separate LED is used for overload warning.
The Sound Field Selector of the full range models dampens the upper frequencies' level adjusting Linear 3 cabinets to the acoustics of the venue. The selection of HF adjustment is also shown on the Lightguide display.
Due to the subwoofer's 4 Ohms impedance the amplifier power is optimally used. The built-in crossover with low- and high-pass is tailored to the different speakers used in a system including a subwoofer.
HK Audio's Linear 3 line includes five models: HK Audio Linear 3 familiy of products
LR 112 1 x 12"/1", full range cabinet
LR 115 1 x 15"/1" full range cabinet
LR 118 Sub 1 x 18" subwoofer
LR 112 M 1 x 12"/1" monitor
LR 115 M 1 x 15"/1" monitor
All models feature countersunk Speakon connectors and the LightGuide display. LR 112 and LR 115 sport the Duo Tilt pole mount adapter. 1" drivers are connected using a dynamic driver overload protection.
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