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HK Audio introduces Smart, the most compact L.U.C.A.S ever

Following the renewal of its popular L.U.C.A.S line of compact sound reinforcement systems for musicians at prolight+sound Frankfurt 2006, HK Audio introduces L.U.C.A.S Smart, the most compact sytem of the series.
Despite a system weight of only 30 kg, L.U.C.A.S Smart provides over 400 watts of power. The subwoofer is powered by a 250-watt PWM digital amplifier and employs the same 10" speaker used in high-end touring systems. The subwoofer also houses the two 80-watt power amps for the satellite speakers, each of which is equipped with a 6.5" woofer and 1" dome tweeter. The stereo speakers are designed to provide the smooth sound of studio monitors.
L.U.C.A.S SMART has inputs for a dynamic microphone and a stereo signal source such as a CD, DVD or MP3 player with individual gain controls. Smart also features HK Audio's MicroTilt integral stand mount adapter. With its tilt angle of 10°, the speakers can be aligned optimally towards the audience.
The optional L.U.C.A.S Smart Roller Bag offers a convenient way of packing and moving the system. Also, wall mounts are available for the satellite speakers to facilitate fixed installation of the system.
L.U.C.A.,S Smart by HK Audio
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