Celestion unveil light inverted chassis PA driver
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A new design of PA driver was one of the items on display at winter NAMM 2002 from English loudspeaker manufacturer Celestion. Celestion showed a selection of their professional loudspeaker systems including new white models from the CXi Series designed for high quality fixed installation.
Of particular interest to system designers was Celestion's new inverted chassis PA driver. Offering 600 Watt power handling from a lightweight and compact 15" driver, Celestion has designed, and patented, a chassis that offers significant heat dissipation benefits, and therefore increased power handling, when compared to conventional designs.
Contrary to conventional drive unit designs Celestion takes the motor assembly (the magnet and associated metalwork) and places it in front of the cone rather than behind. To make this configuration possible Celestion utilizes rare-earth Neodymium magnets to reduce the size of the motor. With the components that normally get hot mounted on the outside there are major benefits from additional cooling to the surrounding air.
Neodymium offers many advantages including a reduction in size and weight, but achieving high power handling has caused problems in the past. When neodymium approaches a critical temperature, known as the Curie point, it will begin to drop in sensitivity. By providing maximum cooling through the inverted chassis design Celestion can ensure high power handling and significantly improved reliability.
"Our inverted chassis design looks very different to a conventional loudspeaker," commented Paul Richardson, Celestion's OEM Sales Manager. "This design not only reduces the overall weight but also minimises the front-to-back dimensions which can be a significant benefit in compact system designs including stage monitors."
"Since first unveiling the concept back in March 2001 we have refined the technology through working closely with many respected system designers," added Richardson.
Celestion inverted Neodymium driver
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