Eminence goes ballistic
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Eminence Magnum


Magnum pole piece
Pole piece, shorting ring,
and aluminum phasor.
Enclosure manufacturers, touring sound engineers, musicians and venue owners are increasingly concerned with minimizing the amount of space and equipment required to produce professional quality sound. Bass woofers available in the music industry have historically dictated that the size and weight of enclosures be very large and heavy. Such woofers are usually inefficient as well. This inefficiency often leads to overpowering of the woofer, possibly resulting in thermal failure. Excessive levels of heat in the motor structure also contribute to higher levels of power compression and distortion.
Eminence has addressed the issue of improving thermal capacity in bass woofers by incorporating the use of new, thermally resistant adhesives and former materials, core periphery ventilation, and heat sink technology in the development of the Eminence Kilomax woofers, used in many enclosure designs today.
Eminence designers have continued their efforts by improving power compression, efficiency, enclosure volume and distortion in developing the Eminence Magnum series of woofers to be introduced at the Winter NAMM show in Anaheim, California in January 2002.
Magnum copper shorting ringResearch was conducted to create a more linear flux field. Ultimately, Eminence chose to incorporate the use of a copper-shorting ring and undercut pole piece to reduce flux modulation created by the energized coil. A more linear flux field provides a more linear output which means lower distortion.
In the process of incorporating the heat sink design and core periphery ventilation system used in the Kilomax series, Eminence also addressed the issue of destructive phase conditions that are often apparent in low-frequency woofers. The result was the development of the aluminum Eminence Phasor. The phasor works in a similar fashion to those often found in much smaller speakers by smoothing the frequency response of the woofer yet also aiding in the release of thermal energy that would otherwise accumulate in the motor structure.
Some enclosure designers are interested in smaller enclosures and efficiency while others are more interested in increased excursion and air movement. HO (High Output) and LF (Low Frequency) versions of Magnum have been developed to satisfy both applications.
Magnum is a selection of bass and mid/bass woofers that provides high power handling, low distortion, maximum efficiency, improved transient response and lower power compression.
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