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AKG adds model 400 to its Perception line of microphones

Building on the reputation of its Perception 100 and 200 microphones which have built a strong following among musicians and engineers, AKG introduced the Perception 400 – a multi-pattern, large-diaphragm condenser microphone suitable for a variety of applications.
The new Perception 400 encompasses selectable cardioid, omni and figure-eight pickup patterns with switchable 10dB pad, switchable bass cut filter, spider-type shock mount and metal case. The Perception 400 features a dual one-inch diameter vibrating surface capsule with gold-sputtered foil diaphragms. The technologically advanced, externally biased “true” condenser capsule delivers performance consistency, especially in high temperature and humidity conditions. The Perception 400 boasts a durable, modern precision-tooled zinc/aluminum alloy metal chassis with a stainless steel, dent-resistant grille screen to protect the capsules, and features a full 20 – 20,000 Hz response, high 145 dB maximum SPL capability at less than 0.5% THD.
Perception microphones are designed by AKG's engineers in Vienna and are built in China under the rigorous control of AKG. “Introducing the Perception 400 at the top of this product line completes the range of these spectacular large-diaphragm microphones. Each microphone in the Perception line provides unique features and performance, and addresses a segment of the market not previously targeted by AKG,” said Richard Barnert, Product Marketing Manager for AKG. “Perception microphones bring AKG studio-quality performance to all areas of recording, from project studios up to broadcast. Because of their exceptional robustness and high SPL capability, these microphones are also ideal for use in live and touring sound applications.”
The Perception 400 had its European debut at Plasa 2006, London. at 121st AES in San Francisco the Perception 400 was showcased in the US for the first time.
Perception 400 multi-directional condenser microphone by AKG
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