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Meyer Sound MICA loudspeaker for smaller venues

At prolight+sound 2005, Frankfurt, Meyer Sound has announced the MICA compact high-power curvilinear array loudspeaker, the latest addition to the MILO family of loudspeakers. The MICA is smaller than the original MILO loudspeaker, but exhibits the characteristics of high power and extended high-frequency response that have been MILO family hallmarks.
Suitable for touring, rental or fixed installation applications, the new system is designed for applications that do not require throw distance of the original MILO or in smaller venues that cannot support the weight or size of MILO. It also provides a complement to a MILO main system.
The MICA loudspeaker provides 100 degrees of horizontal coverage and produces output levels of up to 138 dB SPL with flat phase and frequency response over its operating frequency range of 60 Hz to 18 kHz. The enclosure is measuring 41.4 inches wide by 13.4 inches high by 17.8 inches deep and is weighing in at approximately 153 pounds.
Meyer Sound MICA speaker for line arrays
The system features components designed expressly for it, which incorporate improvements based on the experience Meyer Sound has gained since the introduction of its first line array loudspeaker in 2001. The low and low-mid frequencies are generated by two high-power neodymium magnet 10-inch cone drivers in a two-way arrangement. An integral crossover rolls off one driver at a lower frequency than the other in order to maintain optimal polar and frequency response through the crossover region. The high-frequency section uses two 3-inch diaphragm compression drivers coupled to a horn that provides constant directivity in the horizontal plane while controlling vertical coverage with a new incarnation of Meyer Sound's patented REM ribbon emulation manifold. In order to provide smooth high frequencies in a cabinet too small to allow dedicated very high-frequency drivers, the new manifold and horn have been designed for greater high-frequency extension than the first-generation manifold.
All transducers in the new system are designed and manufactured by Meyer Sound, and driven by an on-board, four-channel class AB/H amplifier with 3,020 watts of total output power, 6,000 watts peak. Meyer Sound's RMS remote monitoring system is included standard. Also included is newly designed captive QuickFly rigging hardware (patent applied for) useing rigid AlignaLinks contained within recessed guides in the front and rear corners of the cabinet. The rear link of the rigging allows settings for 10 different angles from zero to six degrees. Additional flexibility is provided by a setting in the front link for an extended angle that adds seven degrees to the splay angle for avoiding reflections off of architectural obstacles such as a balcony or aisle. Up to 18 MICA loudspeakers can be flown in a single array.
Available options include a weather-protected version with an integral rain hood to safeguard the electronics, and custom color finishes. Top and transitions grids, a caster frame for conveniently transporting stacks of multiple units and protective covers are also available.
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