SWM7000 allows 70 wireless mics simultaniously

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After much anticipation, Sabine is now shipping all systems and components of the new 2.4 GHz Smart Spectrum Wireless Microphones. The Sabine systems are the only wireless mics in the 2.4 GHz band. "UHF is getting squeezed by the recent onslaught of Digital TV, and it is only going to get worse. The 2.4 GHz band offers a license-free and globally acceptable solution," says Director of Sales and Marketing Rob Rothschild. "And the SWM7000 mics can coexist with all those UHF wireless mics out there, so people can add mic channels without worrying about TV interference."
The SWM7000-ND Series receivers include both analog and digital audio outputs and allow for networking of up to 70 channels using a single computer. "Customers have been waiting for a wireless system with digital output because it fits in with the digital mixers they use in their applications," asserts David Klutz, Sabine's Key Account Manager and long-time professional sound engineer. The networking capabilities of the SWM7000-ND systems give sound engineers superior show control by allowing them to view and edit up to 70 channels from a single computer screen. "This is also an advantage for the installation market," adds Klutz. "Our wireless receivers can be used with all the industry standard control devices."
"The SWM7000 beltpack transmitters have the same great features as the handheld transmitters, including the extended low frequency response," says Rothschild. "They are ideal for high-end audio applications like broadcast and theater. Instrumentals will also benefit from this great sound."
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The SWM7000 Series incorporates Sabine's Smart Spectrum technology allowing up to 70 simultaneous wireless systems to operate with maximum fidelity. SWM7000 receivers are available in single and dual channel models and come with Sabine's built-in Targeted Input Processing, which includes the FBX Feedback Exterminator, a compressor/limiter, an adaptive de-esser and a set of 10 parametric filters. This on-board digital signal processing also includes Sabine's Mic SuperModeling. A touch of the front panel dial brings up the sound of several well-known dynamic or condenser mic elements. Sabine's standard capsule on the SWM7000 series is an Audix OM3, with the Audix OM5 available as an option.
In addition to the added processing, the SWM7000 series allows users to save and recall up to 10 presets per channel on the receiver. All front panel information is saved in each preset, so custom settings can be retrieved for fast setups, or even on-the-fly changes during the program.
All transmitters are aluminum and built for heavy-duty applications, with controls hidden behind security covers. The on/off switch on both transmitters is programmable and the antenna on the beltpack transmitter is hard rubber and integral to the case, making it almost impossible to break. Switchcraft TA4F connectors allow users to choose other lavalier and headset mics for use with the 7000 Series.
Accessories include a rack-mount antenna distribution amplifier for up to six receivers and a low-profile extension antenna well suited for unobtrusive wall mounting.
Long-life rechargeable NiMH batteries power the SWM7000 transmitters and each transmitter has a built-in charger jack. The convenient handheld microphone clip doubles as a charger stand - whenever a handheld mic is in the clip, the battery is recharging. All SWM7000 systems also come with powerful remote control software.
Programmable LCDs for each channel provide all the RF and DSP status indicators and employ Sabine's Tweek-n-Peek feature. Whenever a front panel knob is touched, the LCD indicates its precise value, and a bar-graph display indicates the relative range of each selected setting. Front-panel lockout is easily implemented for security installations.
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