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beyerdynamic launches first ribbon microphone cartridge for wireless systems

At 129th AES Convention beyerdynamic launched the world's first ribbon microphone cartridge for wireless systems, the RM 510. The RM 510 interchangeable ribbon capsule for beyerdynamic’s OPUS 900 and OPUS 600 wireless systems takes the ribbon technology to the next level and brings a new dimension to live vocal performances. They were also showcased at Winter NAMM show 2011 in Anaheim, California, along with a new professional headphone.
The RM 510’s sophisticated capsule design features an ultra-light, barely 3 micrometre thick aluminium ribbon that delivers exceptional frequency response and excellent transient behaviour. A unique sound channelling technology provides the capsule with its cardioid polar pattern making the RM 510 the very first ribbon capsule for use on stage with wireless microphone systems.
The capsule’s treble resonator delivers rich high frequency reproduction and also filters “plosives.” Every RM 510 wireless microphone head is handmade in Germany. By employing a sound labyrinth on the rear of the diaphragm and using an advanced acoustic fabric, beyerdynamic has succeeded in improving not only the sound characteristics but also the technical specifications of the RM 510. A subtle attenuation in the 6 kHz range effectively suppresses sibilant sounds and supports the balanced and unobtrusive sound of the RM 510.
The RM 510 is based on the legendary M 500 ribbon microphone, famous during the 70s and 80s. The lineage is especially noticeable from the original, elegant design of the housing, stainless steel mesh basket with multilayer metal gauze, and the use of robust, high quality materials throughout. The capsule's design delivers significant rear attenuation resulting in high feedback suppression for live vocals even on 'loud' stages.
The RM 510 interchangeable ribbon microphone capsule will be available for beyerdynamic’s Opus 600 and Opus 900 wireless systems as of January 2011.
Ribbon of the RM 510 being mounted manually at the beyerdynamic plant in Germany
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