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A-T's 2000 series UHF true diversity wireless systems

Series 2000 UHF wireless system groupAudio-Technica's 2000 Series UHF true diversity wireless microphone system introduces features from the company’s leading professional wireless microphone series, at a highly competitive price point. A 10-channel frequency-agile UHF wireless system, the 2000 Series incorporates true diversity operation with Audio-Technica's easy setup and automatic frequency scanning technologies for interference-free performance.
With 10 selectable frequencies, the automatic frequency scanning determines and sets the best available frequency at the touch of a button. This function is especially beneficial when employing multiple wireless systems, thereby avoiding interference and intermodulation. When using multiple wireless systems simultaneously in Europe, up to 10 user channels are available without any frequency coordination problems or group selection issues. Compatibility varies from country to country. Additionally, the 2000 Series incorporates Audio-Technica’s digital Tone Lock squelch plus an easy-to-read LCD information display, which provides convenient visual indications of settings and operation status.
The 2000 Series comprises two system options: the ATW-2110 UHF UniPak transmitter system, consisting of the ATW-R2100 true diversity receiver and the ATW-T210 UniPak body-pack transmitter; and the ATW-2120 UHF Handheld Dynamic Microphone System, which also includes the ATW-R2100 receiver, plus the ATW-T220 handheld microphone/ transmitter. The ATW-T220 microphone is engineered with the same capsule as the PRO 41 microphone, providing a tight cardioid pickup pattern, with superior gain before feedback performance.
The true diversity ATW-R2100 half-rack receiver features an all-metal housing for superb shielding, as well as dual independent receiver sections. Its true diversity operation selects the best signal from either of the receiver sections, thus reducing dropouts and minimizing multipath distortion. The ATW-R2100 offers 10 PLL-synthesized UHF frequencies, advanced digital Tone Lock squelch, soft-touch controls with LCD information display, detachable UHF antennas, plus a rack-mount kit. Also included is a transmitter battery indicator LED, XLRM-type balanced and 1/4" unbalanced outputs, plus a ground-lift switch.
The versatile ATW-T210 UniPak body-pack transmitter has a multi-function LCD display, soft-touch controls for convenient set-up and operation, along with low and high impedance inputs (with a bias connection), for use with dynamic and electret condenser microphones as well as Hi-Z instrument pickups. In addition to its programmable functions, the ATW-T210 has a hinged cover to limit access to controls as appropriate for the application and user. The ATW-T210 is powered by two easily installed 1.5V AA batteries that provide approximately nine hours of operation. The ATW-T210 is compatible with the Audio-Technica Wireless Essentials accessories.
The ATW-T220 handheld microphone/ transmitter features the same robust dynamic capsule as A-T’s popular PRO 41 wired microphone. This element assembly, part of the R & D for A-T’s acclaimed PRO Series, features high-performance specifications, providing for a clear, high level signal. Internal shock mounting reduces handling noise, making the ATW-T220 ideal for close-proximity vocal performance. Whether used as a handheld mic or mounted on a microphone stand, the ATW-T220 handheld transmitter excels by virtue of its rugged metal construction, the included AT8456a Quiet-Flex stand clamp, and extended battery life of approximately nine hours, powered by two 1.5V AA batteries.
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