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QSC's GX3 and GX5 power amps for performing artists' needs

GX3 and GX 5 power amplifiers by QSCAs part of a Winter NAMM 2008 schedule highlighting QSC's 40th Anniversary, the versatile GX Series amplifiers were taking aim at the needs of musicians, DJs, and performers of all description. Consisting of two professional models outfitted with feature sets and power ratings designed to meet the requirements of popular passive loudspeakers, the GX Series is marked by affordable prices as well as QSC's known reliability.
At eight ohms, the GX3 and GX5 are rated at 300 and 500 watts respectively, offering the continuous power capacity needed for a majority of common passive loudspeakers in use today. Both GX amplifiers are equipped with all the input and output connectors needed for compatibility with virtually any source, loudspeaker, or wiring scheme. The lightweight design of the amps combine with their compact size to make either model easy to move or mount within small, portable racks. Both the GX3 and GX5 feature straightforward user-selectable functions accessed via simple front-panel controls.
At the heart of the GX Series lie linear toroidal power supplies similar to those used in QSC's popular RMX line of amplifiers. Delivering improved thermal stability and efficiency, the GX3 employs a Class B output topology. The Class H design of the GX5 approximately doubles the power of the GX3 using the same size transformers and heat sinks. Smaller size, lighter weight, and more efficient use of electricity follow, along with more accurate peak performance on a short term basis with reduced loss and less distortion.
A market-driven philosophy guided the development of the GX Series from its inception, with QSC engineers dedicating their efforts to producing a product that addressed how users actually configured their systems. Based upon the results of extensive research, the design team determined that very few potential GX users needed bridged operation or an extremely high output capacity at two ohms. By eliminating these capabilities and building the amps primarily for use with four and eight-ohm power, the GX Series ultimately emerged with significant cost and size reductions, while still remaining fully-protected, and supporting light-duty two-ohm operation for occasions when it might be needed.
The GX3 and GX5 power amplifiers were also highlighted at prolight+sound show 2008 in Frankfurt, Germany.
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