Behringer acquires CoolAudio
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Behringer has obtained full rights to the CoolAudio digital amplifier technology. Finalized in an agreement earlier this year with U.S.-based Intersil Corporation, the deal brings a wide range of microchip designs and amplifier modules to Behringer which are ready for mass production. To develop and market CoolAudio technology, Behringer Digital Technologies, Ltd. has been created.
Radically different in its approach to the time-honored business of audio amplification, CoolAudio Class D digital technology can be applied to amplifiers with power output capabilities of up to 4,000 watts RMS. Lacking the massive power supplies and heat sinks of traditional designs, CoolAudio products and prototypes have reliably delivered high sonic accuracy while posting efficiency ratings of up to 90%, a figure which goes a long way in explaining the technology's cost, space, energy, and weight-saving appeal.
"We're very excited about the acquisition of CoolAudio and its integration within our business structure," Behringer founder Uli Behringer said enthusiastically following the formal disclosure of the transaction. "There are very few systems that offer this kind of reference-quality performance in a lightweight, energy-efficient package which is technologically mature, FCC Class-B/CE compliant, and affordable. CoolAudio technology will be integrated into our existing product line at a very competitive price, and will additionally gain the benefits of our state-of-the-art, ISO9002-managed production facilities and worldwide distribution network."
BEHRINGER will continue to support all current CoolAudio licensees, including Alpine, Rowe, and others who utilize the technology within automotive and consumer applications. At Summer NAMM, Behringer displayed a 2000-Watt prototype amplifier using the circuitry.
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