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beyerdynamic launches UHF in-ear monitor at prolight+sound Frankfurt

At prolight+sound exhibition 2005 beyerdynamic launched a bunch of new products. IMS 900 is a professional UHF In-Ear-Monitoring system designed to set industry standards regarding sound and transmission quality as well as reliability, performance and value for money. 16 pre-programmed frequencies per bandwidth allow easy setup even in multi-channel applications. Featuring an LC-Display indicating group/channel and LEDs for audio level, the 9.5" metal transmitter unit offers combo inputs and a headphone output with volume control. The beltpack receiver is equipped with a mono/stereo switch, volume and balance to easily control personal mix. The receiver features a switchable limiter which keeps the monitoring sound at a safe level.
"Handmade in Germany" was a special event at the beyerdynamic stand. Visitors got a look behind the scenes and watched the making of the DT 770 PRO studio headphone 'live'. This limited special edition of the DT 770 PRO was created for the prolight+sound 2005 and was sold at the booth.
beyerdynamic's department Conference & Presentation will launched the next generation of the MCW-Digital wireless conference system. Also, another version of the steno-s conference & recording software was presented especially for use with the beyerdynamic conference systems. System components such as wireless and wired conference systems, interpreting and tourguide systems as well as installation microphones were showcased.
TE 900 beltpack receiver
IMS 900 UHF transmitter
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