Sabine wireless condensor mic with Voice Technology capsule

Sabine SW70-H19 wireless condenser microphone with Voice technology capsuleSabine once again teams up with Voice Technologies to introduce the SW70-H19 handheld condenser microphone. The microphone combines the advantages of Sabine's 2.4 GHz wireless system with the pristine sound of the Voice Technologies condenser capsule.
Voice Technologies, manufacturer of high-end microphones for broadcast, theatre, film, video, concert, and conference applications provides the SW70-H19 condenser capsule. This capsule's unique suspension almost completely eliminates handling noise.
The Sabine SW70-H19 condenser is designed to allow the vocal performance to come through cleanly and without coloration. The open and airy quality suits both male and female vocal performance. Superior transient response maintains the dynamic quality of the most demanding singers.
The new condenser has an LCD which shows both battery voltage and run-time hours, as well as the user-adjustable pad and low cut filter. The RF channel is displayed and so is the mute status. All these status displays are also sent via digital telemetry back to the receiver.
All Sabine 2.4GHz wireless mic systems come with remote control software, which allows for networking up to 70 channels in one software session using the ND Series receivers. The ND series receivers include both analogue and digital audio outputs.
Another feature of the 2.4GHz Wireless Microphone system is Sabine's digital signal processing, including Mic SuperModeling. A touch of the front panel dial brings up the sound of several well-known condenser mic elements. Additional signal processing available includes the FBX Feedback Exterminator, a compressor/limiter, a de-esser, and a set of parametric and high and low pass filters.
The SWM7000 series allows users to save and recall up to 10 presets per channel on the receiver. All front panel information is saved in each preset, so custom settings can be retrieved for fast setups, or even on-the-fly changes during the program. This is especially useful if the mic is being shared at a festival application.
The SW70-H19 transmitters are aluminum and built for heavy-duty applications, with all controls hidden behind a security cover. The finish on the mic is designed to enhance the grip and make the mic feel good in the singer's hand. The external on/off switch on all Sabine transmitters is programmable.
Long-life, rechargeable NiMH batteries power the SW70-H19 transmitters. Each mic comes with a stage clip and a charging clip. Conventional alkaline batteries can also be used in all transmitters.
Sabine is exhibiting at booth 301 at the 117th AES show in San Francisco, October 2004.
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